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AFNAFPO Contract

AFNAF Purchasing Office
Transportation Management Contractor For Commercial Shipments
(FOB: Origin Purchase Orders)

Fully Insured, door-to-door deliveries of MWR/NAF purchases within the United States and to activity locations throughout the world.

  • Single Source Responsibility!
  • Shipments to DTS Port Locations or Direct to Activity Door!
  • Full Status Reporting By Activity
  • Consistent Freight Savings!
  • This Contract is Open to All Department of Defense NAF Activities!

We are transportation professionals working with you to provide your clients with a complete logistics service.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Why ship MWR/NAF materials under this contract?
Tom Miller, AFNAF Purchasing and Management Support, San Antonio, TX

"As we moved toward the 21st century, the requirements for total control and budgetary savings increased for all of us. AFNAFPO has responded by putting in place the final link in the NAF logistics cycle; a full scope, worldwide transportation management contract. This contract provides NAFI's throughout the world with quality commercial transportation services, immediate and consistent freight savings and full accountability for all shipments in the system.

Under the contract, each NAFI will gain control of their shipments while saving transportation dollars. Each shipment will be tracked from origin to destination. MMI will route your shipments, provide substantial discounts on freight rates, and even file claims on your behalf against carriers for lost or damaged shipments. It is our hope each NAFI will use this contract for all FOB: Origin orders."

Who can use this contract?

This contract is open to all US Government Department of Defense Activities. Air Force, Navy and Army MWR/NAF activities throughout the world have been using the contract on a direct basis for the last 12 years. AFNAFPO utilizes the contract for all FOB: Origin orders that exceed parcel post and UPS restrictions.

What are some examples of "consistent freight savings" and why should I bother to use the contract?

In simple terms, suppliers and/or manufacturers are primarily interested in selling product. On FOB: Origin orders, freight is not the main concern. Generally, little effort is made by a supplier in selecting a carrier when the freight charges are to be "Prepaid and Added." Factors such as on-time performance, damage control and cost may not be looked at as intensely when selecting the carrier for your shipment.

The contract asks your supplier to contact MMI when they are ready to ship. MMI selects the carrier, sends the supplier bill of lading and marking information, insures that the supplier's documents are in order and moves the cargo through to destination. MMI provides discounted service and, in the event of damage or loss of goods, MMI files claims on your behalf. Our primary focus is to provide each base or activity with documented savings and reliable service.





Full Truckload

NC to FL

Full Truckload

GA to CA

Less Truckload

IL to CA

Vendor Price:


Vendor Price:


5000 #, 5 Days:


MMI Price:


MMI Price


Less Avg 40%








Examples of Problems MMI will solve

We are an overseas activity. We use the DTS system and have been experiencing delays and lost shipments at the New Cumberland, PA consolidation point. Some shipments take between 60-90 days to reach the ordering activity. Some shipments are lost and I must reorder and double pay. How can the contract help me?

The contract can help you in three different ways.

  1. Under the contract, MMI provides for alternatives to the DTS system. We presently perform commercial consolidations in Seattle, WA, Los Angeles, CA, and Norfolk, VA. We also can ship directly, door-to-door to the majority of base locations throughout the world. We have been extremely successful in providing this direct service on an air and ocean transportation basis.
  2. For an additional cost (call for a quote), most activities enjoy fully insured, 30 day door-to-door ocean or 4-6 day air service. When your shipment moves commercially with MMI, it is always 100% insured for loss or damage.
  3. Thirdly, we can order DTS containers for your shipment and load them directly at your suppliers. This bypasses the consolidation and speeds up the process. Our fee for this service is $135 per container.

Menu of Services


  • Full truckload and LTL transportation service for MWR/NAF purchases from vendors worldwide to NAFI's throughout CONUS.
  • Substantial freight savings off of class-regulated LTL rates to any Government NAFI.
  • Tracking and reporting for all orders and shipments.
  • Shipment of personal effects and household goods for MWR/NAF personnel.
  • Consolidation of shipments for project purchases and timely, scheduled release of material as needed at work site.
  • Full and direct accountability for shipments lost or damaged in transit.
  • Negotiation and preparation of freight claims on behalf of the ordering activity.


  • Full truckload and LTL service for MWR/NAF purchases from vendors worldwide to Defense Transportation System (DTS) Points or Ports or to commercial consolidation centers.
  • Containerization at vendor's location for direct shipments to port of exit utilizing the DTS system.
  • Fully insured commercial air and ocean transportation services, door to door, throughout the world.
  • Delivery to Pacific and Europe locations by ocean within 30 days of pick-up from supplier.
  • Full commercial warehousing and containerization options. 30 DAYS FREE STORAGE for shipments as small as 1 lb. to as large as full container.
  • Consolidation of project material.
  • Consolidation of multiple purchase orders by base, 30 DAYS FREE STORAGE and delivery to overseas locations within 30 days.
  • Full and direct accountability for shipments lost or damaged during commercial shipment.
  • Air and Ocean freight quotations within 24 hours via telefax.
  • Movement of Household Goods for MWR/NAF personnel worldwide.


Contact MMI at 1-800-242-8560 or contact AFNAFPO. Paul Garza, 10100 Reunion Place Suite 304, San Antonio, TX 78216.  Phone 210-652-6931, Fax 210-652-6309. A start-up guide along with a full set of sample Purchase Order instructions will be sent immediately. Click here for the AFNAFPO Contract in PDF format. (You will need Adobe Reader to view it.)


CONTRACT NUMBER: F4199-13-A-0001
CONTRACTOR: Material Management International, Inc.

John McKenna
495 Union Ave, Suite 2A&B
Middlesex, NJ 08846
Toll Free: 800-242-8560
Phone: 732-469-3800
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COMMODITY: Transportation Services
Kim R. Cornette, DSN: 487-6931
Commercial: (210) 652-6931
(210) 657-5804
(800) 722-3623 (SAAFNAF)
FAX (210) 652-6309
PAYMENT TERMS: 1%-20 Days, Net-30 days
Us Military/Government Shipping -
Domestic & Worldwide,
Door to Door, Commercial Deliveries
AFNAFPO Transportation Contractor
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Fax: 1-732-469-8787
Material Management International, Inc.
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