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Freight Management Services

LTL Programs, Carrier Evaluations, Inbound Logistics, Audit

Deregulation of the United States surface transportation industry greatly expanded the methods and manner in which cargo is transported. Most purchasing and traffic departments did not have the time, or in some cases, the expertise to explore all the new options available to them as the costs of inbound raw material and its transportation continued to rise. Most were overworked and undermanned in planning and execution of outbound transportation.

Material Management International offers the domestic and international shipping community, regardless of company size, a freight management service which will enable you to compete in the ever changing 1990's. Freight Management Planning is a method that analyzes a company's existing transportation methods, suggests changes where beneficial, and measures the change and its effect on customer service and actual freight expense.

Logistics staffing continually decreases as the small, medium and even the largest corporations are forced to reduce overhead to stay afloat. Clients turn to MMI for turn-key operation using our services and those of our sister corporation, USA Installations (www.usainstallations.com).

As the recession continues, a major burden is placed on small business owners and top-level executives alike. That is to provide products to their customers at a reasonable price, utilizing less labor, in an ever changing marketplace with increasing transportation options.

As an example, we evaluate areas of logistics management such as:

  • Inbound Vendor Transportation of Raw Material
  • Outbound Distribution of Finished Product
  • Carrier Performance
  • International Transportation
  • Warehouse Site Locations
  • Client Operational Procedures
  • Bank Payment Plans
  • Audit Options
  • LTL Programs

Our goal is to insure that your logistics function operates at full efficiency in today's changing marketplace.

We can supplement your in-house capabilities or give you the experience and expertise of a full-time, in-house logistics department without the associated overhead expense! Our goal is not to replace in-house capabilities, but to supplement your present logistics function with added expertise.

Our compensation comes as a result of solutions developed and the resultant savings that occur. We do not require any consulting or up-front fees from our clients. We are not compensated unless the solutions and improvements to existing systems produce savings for you. It's that simple. What do you have to lose? Give us the opportunity to show you how to improve and save.


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