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Sample Projects
Heavy Haul

From Illinois to Ohio

Nishida machinery was sending a massive piece of equipment from Illinois to Ohio. This was a very precarious run. The move required the services of a rigging company and professional installation.


MMI was called on, due to its reputation for success with a turn-key operation. We handled the transport, unpacked the machinery at its new site and carefully installed the machinery according to the owner's specifications.

MMI is one of the few transportation intermediaries in America who can handle every aspect of such an installation from beginning to end.

Engineer Moves Heavy Haul

MMI's Bruce Michelsen heads the Specialized Transport Division of MMI. He arranges transport of heavy and over-sized machinery and equipment, throughout North America and worldwide.

Logistically, these moves require much planning and foresight to have the equipment arrive safely at the customer's site. Equipment delivery, for instance, may have to be timed in collaboration with construction plans. Bruce handles regulatory requirements, rate negotiation, classification and any other special requirements.

Transport of heavy equipment is particularly tricky and at the mercy of each state's heavy haul permit office which determines the specific route and escort requirements.

For direct access to the Specialized Transport Division of MMI, call 1-800-242-8560, extension 13 or email:

Hauling Big for Koch

Moves for Koch Modular Process Systems, LLC are always formidable - large and heavy. They always need special permits and lots of attention. The Koch folks had come to the right place! Operations Manager Bruce Michelson handles their transport, providing personal attention to the special-needs process.

This latest project consisted of 24 process or stair modules shipping from four different vendors to AE Polysilicon in Morrisville, PA. All 24 were delivered without incident.

Discussing the intricacies of heavy haul, Michelson notes, "You have to make sure the correct trailer is used to suit the module's design; i.e., all designed support points are properly supported on the trailer.

"The tractor/trailer and freight combination must have the correct axle weight requirements for each state through which the load travels. Otherwise permits might not be issued. In some cases, pre-route surveys are physically done to insure safety, assuring that the load will not hit bridge abutments and can make all the turns safely."

Michelson is a licensed engineer who applies his professional skills daily to assure the safe and secure delivery of giant cargo.

1,740 Miles Hauling 90 Foot Load

This is one of the largest, heaviest transports ever arranged by the Heavy Haul Division of MMI. It was the steel frame for a module that we moved from the fabricator in Sarnia, ON to the final fabrication shop in Richburg, SC.

That was only half of the story.

At the second location, vessels were installed, along with piping, instrumentation, grating, platforms and other equipment.

Pictured above is one of the last modules going from the final fabrication in SC to its final destination in Morrisville, PA. The module measures 91'-9 x 15'-2 x 12'-10 and weighs 165,000 lbs. Total length of the trailer and module combined is 170'.

You can just imagine the details required to move this modular from its origin in Canada, to South Carolina and then on to Pennsylvania. The entire trip was some 1,740 routed miles. It was guided every step of the way by MMI Operations Manager Bruce Michelsen. This finished module was one of the largest MMI has ever transported.


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