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Children's Furniture

At a school in San Marcos, CA, the Director of Planning, Design and Construction, Melinda Thurmond, stated, "Thanks again for the great service." Click here for more customer comments.

MMI delivered to and USAI installed recently at child care centers in these locations:

  • Council Bluffs Head Start Center - Council Bluffs, IA
  • University of Georgia Child Care Center - Athens, GA
  • New Beginings Child Care Center - Jacksonville, FL
  • Villasport Athletic Club Child Development Center - Colorado Springs, CO
  • Jewels Learning Care Center - Houston, Texas
  • Gentilly East High Center - New Orleans, LA

An MMI Installation: Child Care Center for Google

"Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one." That's the stated philosophy of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google founders. One look at the corporate headquarters and you understand how Google management lives their mission.

Google employees are treated to free breakfast, free lunch, free dry cleaning, free car wash. And at their locations in Southern and Northern California, they now have free child care.

The child-size maple furniture in the mirror-image centers was manufactured by Community Playthings of Chester, New York. It was all moved to the Google locations by MMI. Our installation teams then put together all of the furniture and equipment on site. When our team left, everything was fully installed, ready for children to use.

The Northern California site houses 540 Google employees. At the Southern California location, 375 people are employed.

Google was chosen by Fortune magazine as one of the hundred best companies to work for in 2008.

Child Care Center Hoag Memorial

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Newport Beach, CA is committed to providing a family-friendly environment for their employees. The institution is recognized as a leading hospital in California, renowned for its excellence, specialized health care services, and exceptional physicians and staff.

An important part of maintaining that staff is providing a child care center right on the hospital campus, for employees' children. Material Management International, Inc. was chosen as the firm to deliver the children's furniture and equipment to the new facility, and handle the full installation.

The new center looks like a traditional school with classroom space that opens to a community courtyard. The playgrounds have age-appropriate play equipment. There is also a larger multi-purpose space to accommodate parent education and events.

The new center has capacity for 152 children and accommodates after-school and summer programs for elementary school children through age twelve.

Installation at Green School

MMI completed an installation at the FIO360 Eco Early Care and Learning Boutique in the Atlantic Station community in Atlanta, GA. The unique early learning center is a place where children are poised to become well-rounded and promise-filled individuals.

Explaining the philosophy of the school, a spokesperson says, "Our very name conveys our philosophy of partnering with families in the care and education of children. Our core features demonstrate a commitment to establishing a progressive family center that embodies-as does the 360 circle (the school's symbol) - wholeness, connectedness and the ever-evolving cycle of life development. Some call this "whole-child development." We simply call it child care as it should be."

The children's furniture installed was manufactured by Community Playthings of Chester, NY, one of the foremost producers of children's furniture.

This is the first eco-friendly child care facility in the United States. As such, it is attracting a lot of attention from authorities and the media alike. Everything is organic and earth-friendly. MMI had to become familiar with new practices that totally meet the "green" aspects of this facility.

The Center features natural advanced learning practices and pyramid learning programs.

MMI Prepares for Nike Kids

Known throughout the world for their endorsement by top athletes, Nike is a leader in corporate child care as well. Their world headquarters in Beaverton, OR has a state-of-the-art facility for 200 children of employees with a back-up center for 28. The latest addition is a third child development center. This one cares for 300 infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

The facility was equipped with furniture and play pieces manufactured by Community Playthings and transported to the site by Material Management International, Inc. Our installation crews assembled furniture in every room, creating a turn-key operation for the full-time Nike employees who are caregivers and teachers at the facility. The job was supervised personally onsite by MMI President John McKenna, CTB and Sales Manager Brian Hoffman.

A Nike spokesperson explained, "Kids are at the heart of our unique curriculum that emphasizes secure, long-term relationships with teachers and friends. We provide plenty of opportunity for project work and introduce children to music, swimming, Spanish, and, most importantly, sports."

Schoolhouse Installations

Summer is always a busy time for MMI, working with child care centers and schools to prepare for the new school year. A major client in the children's school furniture and equipment business has our company do their freight, installations and project management throughout North America.

We handled all three responsibilities for schools in Williamstown, MA and Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri. On the July 4th holiday, Sales Manager Brian Hoffman flew to Arizona to personally supervise the installation of furniture at a school in Prescott, AZ. We call that dedication.

Other summer installations have included schools in San Marcos, CA, Columbia, SC, Newport Beach, CA, Bethesda, MD, Cambridge, MA, Boston, MA, Atlanta, GA. and San Francisco, CA.

MMI also handles international shipping of the popular line of children's school furniture. We ship containers of the furniture to U.S. ports for distribution to U.S. Military Bases overseas.


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